Choosing the right tires is of great importance

All-weather tires

Most people put a less time and consideration into choosing tires for their car, than the actual car, while they are most vital for the safety of the car. Why is this? Probably when you bought your car it came with tires, so you probably didn’t even give it much thought. However, when these tires are worn out and you need to find a new replacement set you might be overwhelmed by the choice of tires that are available today. Things to consider when buying tires are what kind of driving you will be doing, what kind of car you drive, what kind of weather conditions you will be driving in and last but not least your budget. There is a big difference when you purchase all-season, winter or all-weather tires. It is always aimed at getting the tires that have the best safety profile,

Tire dimension is important to ensure that you get tires that perform optimally for your vehicle. You can easily search online for the dimension size you are looking for, if you e.g. search for 205/55/16 all-season tires you can see all the available options for that dimension. This can save you some time, as you might not start looking at a tire that isn’t available for your dimension. If you have an SUV, you will need to get tires with the correct dimensions.

If you have a high-performance car you should look into some high-quality tires with appropriate speed rating something that indicates the maximum safest speed the tire can be driven. Tires with a higher speed rating have greater levels of handling and cornering grip, something that obviously makes the car handle better at high speeds. An electric car or hybrid will require tires that are recommended for that use and are able to handle the extra wear and still be able to provide good safety including short braking distance for the heavier vehicles.

For winter tires the choice might also be between studded or non-studded winter tires. Generally, where you live will dictate what kind of tires you will need and what tire options are available. This is because if you live in an area like southern parts, with mild seasonal weather without winters, you would be able to use all-season tires for all year-round use. On the other hand, if you live in a state in North America, you might be better off with dedicated winter tires, still leaving the decision whether to get studded or non-studded winter tires. Then you will have the areas where all-weather tires might be your best option, where if they are approved for winter use can be used all year-round even if there is snow available. This is a good option if the winter season is not too long or harsh and the weather is quite unstable. Just make sure to get the correct dimensions and ensure that they are suitable for your vehicle.

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