Tires can affect pollution

245/70R16 all-season tires

The choice of car tires can help you reduce pollution and help your car to be more environmentally friendly. In general, tires with low rolling resistance produce less carbon emissions, as the reduced resistance that your car has to overcome to move forward, saves energy. Not only hybrid and electrical cars make a difference for the environment. Tire choice is important for all cars. With low rolling resistance being the most important factor. By reducing rolling resistance or rolling drag, cars can go further on less energy. When rolling resistance is reduced the tires roll more easily, improving fuel economy and thereby lessening the tire’s impact on the environment. The rolling resistance plays a role in fuel efficiency because rolling resistance burns about seven percent of the fuel while the car is on the freeway. With a low rolling resistance tire you can save 6 percent on fuel costs.

Another factor that plays a role in the fuel efficiency of the car is the tire dimensions. It is always good to follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire dimensions so not to change the optimal performance of your car. If your car manufacturer recommends 215/70R16 tire dimensions then you would need 215/70R16 all-season tires, 215/70R16 winter tires or 215/70R16 all-weather tires.  Keep in mind larger or wider tires increase rolling resistance and therefore negatively affects fuel economy. Rolling resistance is the combination of forces that work against the forward motion of your vehicle. Because rolling resistance is the resistance that your car has to overcome in order to move forward the tire size plays a role.

There are many low rolling resistance tires on the market today and it has become a major goal for all tire manufacturers to reduce rolling resistance. Companies like the Nokian Tyres-tire manufacturer is committed to the environment and hold self-imposed high standards in their tire manufacturing, committed to saving energy with their full line up of “low rolling resistance” tires that allow electrical cars to go further on a single charge ,while regular combustion engine cars go further on a tank of gas. This tire manufacturer was in fact, the first tire manufacturer to receive the ISO 14001 environmental certification. It is also important to note that they use only purified oils in their tire production-never any toxic or carcinogenic chemicals at all. Many tire manufacturers add silica and oils to the tire compound to help the tires run smoother while keeping a low rolling resistance.

The choice of tires can definitely help make your car more environmentally friendly and in this day and age it would not be responsible to not equip your car with low rolling resistance tires. In addition, don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tire dimensions for the make and model of your car. Keep tires properly inflated as well as cutting down on drag by not attaching bike racks and overhead luggage containers while following recommended speed limits.

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