Why Would a Building Inspection Engineer be a Member of NABIE?

Property owners often take advantage of prime real estate locations for a good investment. Lifestyle changes influenced property owners to flock to the suburbs and retire their city dwelling. As new health and safety measures are implemented because of the pandemic, people want to feel secure in a less congested area.

New Jersey became a hot commodity in the real estate market as its spacious suburban landscape gives prospective buyers the sense of security they want while providing easy access to New York City. Many residential and commercial opportunities in the state have opened in the past months, and reports have shown an increasing demand for single-family homes and individual units.

However, buyers must be cautious before committing to a new property as its physical condition influences its real estate value. They need a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report to determine its structural soundness, and this can only be obtained by hiring a certified professional engineer.

The National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) advances the skills and knowledge of state-licensed professional engineers to ensure their work conforms to the industry’s latest standards. It is the only recognized chartered group of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), and their members often belong to other technical organizations like the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP)

With the high standards upheld by NABIE, a Building Inspection Engineer in NJ with their certification is the best person to thoroughly assess a property and ensure a non-biased and detailed inspection report. NABIE’s Code of Ethics assures that their certified professional engineers prioritize the interests of the clients, especially when it comes to health and safety.

Below is an infographic about the expertise of NABIE-certified Building Inspection Engineers.