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Social Media Strategy in 9 Easy Steps

As people continue to spend their time on social media, businesses have since been using it as part of their digital marketing efforts. However, social media marketing is not as easy as snapping a picture of an item and posting it for people to see. It has to have a plan and a great deal of intention and thought.


Before you venture into the world of social media, take some time to think about a strategy that you would use to utilize these platforms to reach and connect with your target audience. The first thing to do is to determine what you want to achieve. It would help you establish your goals by thinking about your company and why you want to engage with your customers and prospectors through social media.  


Once you have determined your goals, you should select your key performance indicators (KPI’s), which can help you measure the performance of your social media presence. There are a variety of KPI’s to choose from, such as likes, comments, shares, Website Clicks, Video Views, Engagement Rate, and People Reached; it is essential to select one that directly correlates with your goals.


Another important step when creating your social media plan is researching your target audience. Take time to learn what type of social media they use, who they are following and engaging with on the platforms, and when they are online and most active. It can help you determine the type of content that will attract their attention and the best time to post. Additionally, it would also help you if you research your competitors. It would be best to note what platforms they are using, their activity, and community engagement.


After doing in-depth research about your target audience and learned where they spend the majority of their time, it would be easier for you to decide what platforms to utilize for your strategy. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok are social media forms you can use to reach your audience. Most of the time, people of all ages use Facebook to communicate with their family and friends. Hence, companies tend to spend resources and even hire a Facebook advertising agency in the Philippines to implement their marketing plan.


An advertising firm can help you determine which content guidelines you can consider to use to boost your audience engagement. It would also be best to know the Facebook advertising rates in the Philippines to help you manage your budget if you select it as your platform for your social media strategy.


Moreover, like other marketing efforts, your social media marketing needs a set of people to implement it. Your team can create quality content and keep track of things to make your social media presence consistent.


After setting up everything from your goals to creating your team, you can now implement your strategy. However, it does not end there as you have to continue monitoring your social media marketing efforts’ growth and performance. It will help if you choose analytical software, as it can help your team understand your pages, engagement rates, and determine areas for improvement. 


As people continue to use social media platforms, businesses choose these forms to be part of their marketing efforts to boost their consumer engagement and reach more people and possible customers. This blog of TopSEOs details how you can create a social media strategy.