Reasons To Archive Text Messages In Your Company

There are many good reasons why you need to have a text message archiver in place regardless of the size of your business. Not only is it beneficial to the security and reputation of your company, but when you archive text messages, you will also be sure that you can trace text-based evidence that can be used to prove certain cases in court.

With the data explosion in the recent years, text message archiving has come to the forefront as companies search for solutions that can help them maintain and produce a wide array of data types without the need for augmenting their on premise IT capabilities.  These implications have become more and more pronounced these days because texting, chat apps and smart devices have become part and parcel of day to day operations in most businesses.

One of the reasons why it is important to archive text messages is that it can help in handling court cases.  Even though as a business owner being involved in legal action of some sort is the last thing you want to see happen, it is something that can actually happen.  Court cases takes place a lot in the business landscape. When you have archived messages, they can be helpful whether you need to file a lawsuit or defend yourself against one.

Archiving text messages can also help in supporting eDiscovery. Under the requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, companies have an obligation to search and produce electronic content, such as text messages and email. This obligation must be based on an eDiscovery order from a court or it can happen when decision makers become knowledgeable about an impending litigation, hence forcing the organization to put a litigation hold on the data is considered relevant for the duration of the legal action.

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