The Benefits Of Diesel Fuel Filters

Diesel fuel filters are very important when it comes to ensuring that dirt does not negatively affect the performance of your diesel engine. Dirt can get into your engine every time you  add or change lubricants, fill the fuel tank or start the engine. This is why there are fuel filters on every engine, and why using the right filter for you engine is very important.

Diesel pumps, nozzles and injectors are usually manufactured to extremely close tolerances. These components and others can be  easily damaged by abrasive particles in the fuel and lead to increased fuel consumption, poor starting, reduced engine power as well as component failure.

The primary purpose of diesel fuel filters is to clean the fuel in order to prevent this damage from happening. The fuel filters also act as water separators. Water contamination in diesel can cause reduced power, poor fuel burn, cold spots and corrosion of sensitive components such as fuel pumps and injectors, something that ultimately affects the performance of the engine.

Abrasive wear of fuel injectors happens to be the number one  reason for premature replacement. So by ensuring that there is effective filtration, you can prevent this wear. A typical fuel system will return unused fuel to the tank, meaning that the fuel filter is constantly having fuel cycled through it.  A good fuel filter should pass  around 1.5 liters of fuel every minute and circulate 45,000 litres of fuel every 500 hours of service life.

It is important to remember that not all diesel fuel filters are created the same.  There are non-genuine filters that are not developed and tested to meet OEM specifications. Be careful about such filters if you do not want to be disappointed.

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