The Importance Of Purchasing A Full PPE Kit

Purchasing a Full PPE kit for your employees is very important in ensuring that the employees go about their job without putting their lives at risk. This is very important especially for people in the construction, healthcare and manufacturing industries where safety is a major issue for both skilled laborers and day laborers. Most of the accidents that happen in these industries are either due to the absence of personal protective equipment or failure to use the provided PPE properly.

It is imperative that you purchase a full PPE kit that includes head protection, eye and face protection, respiratory protection as well as hand and skin protection. Head protection includes things such as hard hats, which are very common at industrial sites. Their job is to protect against flying and falling objects that can otherwise penetrate or impact workers. Some hard hats feature accessories such as earmuffs and face shields.  Make sure that they are well-fitted, because those that are too small or large may not be able to offer the protection needed.

Eye and face protection PPE includes  goggles, spectacles as well as full face shields that can offer the required protection for the face and eyes.  Wood work, hot work, metal work, air-tool operations and even people in the healthcare industry all require this type of protection. Safety goggles can also be beneficial to general laborers because there is usually debris on construction sites.

Reparatory protection PPE is very important on sites where toxic substances are present. Sometimes, what you do not see is what can hurt you the most.  An example of respiratory PPE is a respirator. Hand and skin protection PPE is important in healthcare and construction industries which typically require the use of hands.

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