A Look At The Different Types Of Removable Orthodontic Treatments

When it comes to teeth alignment or correction, what most people usually think of is braces. While the braces do their job quite well, there is an even better alternative that you can go for: removable orthodontic appliances. These appliances are customized to fit your mouth in order to  help in your orthodontic treatment plan.  Unlike braces, you can take them  on  your own as needed,  for instance when you are cleaning your teeth.

Your removable orthodontic treatment will be created by your orthodontist. To be able to find the best plan of action that can address the different stages that involve adjustment of your teeth, you may need removable appliance for the best results. Among the common appliances that you can use include elastics, retainers, positioners and separators.

Elastics are also referred to as rubber bands, and they are used for improving the fit of the upper  and lower teeth. Provided that you wear them as instructed by the orthodontist, you should be able to see favorable results.

Positioners are very vital  in maintaining as well as setting the results of a separate orthodontic treatment. You may only need to wear this removable  appliance for  between 4  and 8 weeks.

Retainers are also commonly use in removable orthodontic treatment. They are meant to  hold the teeth in proper position after removing braces. You can wear them all the time after your braces  are initially taken off, expect when you remove them  while you eat or clean your teeth.

There are also separators, which are also referred to as spacers. They are small rubber doughnuts  that are used for creating separations between the teeth  in order to allow enough room for the teeth to shift their positions during future orthodontic treatments.

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