Chemical Peel vs Microneedling: Which Is Better For Me?

Are you torn between chemical peel vs microneedling when it comes to getting that glowing, young-looking skin? Both are very popular options in non-surgical procedures for correcting minor cosmetic issues as well as rejuvenating the skin. Even though each treatment has its benefits and very capable of producing fairly comparable results, you can expect some noticeable differences in downtime, applications as well as overall benefits.

In order to choose a suitable procedure between microneedling vs chemical peels, you need to understand how each one of them is performed. Microneedling refers to the process of creating controlled damage to the skin using tiny needles that are attached to the face of a handheld device. Before this procedure is performed, a nutrient-rich skin serum is applied to the face. The serum will deeply penetrate the skin at each puncture to provide maximum benefits.  The procedure is conducted in a controlled fashion and the application of a serum helps facilitate an increase in collagen production while at the same time encouraging formation of new tissues.

Just like microneedling, chemical peels also use the concept of controlled skin damage in order to improve collagen production and stimulate natural, regenerative skin processes.   A strong acid solution is applied to the skin during this procedure to slough away the damaged layers.  This treatment can be either washed off or counteracted using a neutralizing solution before you go home.

The surest to choose either chemical peel or microneedling is to consult a medical doctor.  The doctor will assess your skin during the consultation so as to gauge the severity as well as nature of your concerns. After doing that, they will recommend the treatment to go for.

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