A Look At Sclerotherapy Permanent Treatment

sclerotherapy permanent

If you have started noticing unsightly varicose veins on your skin  that are making you feel self-conscious about yourself, one of the procedures that you should consider to get rid of them is  sclerotherapy permanent treatment. Unsightly veins are likely to appear on your legs. Varicose veins may appear as twisted blue, red  or skin-colored veins. If it is a larger vein, it can appear like a rope and give the skin a bulging look.

So what is sclerotherapy?  This is a minimally invasive  permanent treatment that addresses the spider and varicose veins.  It involves injecting a special solution into the veins,  which irritates the veins and causes them to close up. By doing this,  the blood that normally went through these veins is rerouted to the healthy veins.  After the problem veins have closed,  they usually turn into scar tissue and fade away, and by doing so you will no longer experience the aesthetic issue.

Before you get this treatment , you will have to make an appointment with a doctor  to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.  After that, the doctor will make an appointment that is convenient to you. There is no real preparation for this procedure.  Your doctor may ask you to refrain from taking any blood-thinning supplements  as well as over-the-counter medications such as naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin for about a week or two.

So, is sclerotherapy permanent?  Yes, the results of this treatment are permanent. Once the varicose or spider veins turn to scar tissue and dissolve from sight, they are gone for good. However, this treatment does not prevent more varicose and spider veins from forming, but it also does not make it more likely that they will form.

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