A Look At The Different Types Of Liposuction

different types of liposuction

Are you considering have liposuction done on you? If you do, it is important that you understand the different type of liposuction.  You should not assume that there is only one type of liposuction.

The various types of liposuction actually depend on the type of energy that is used for breaking the fat; however, the process itself is the same.  There following are the 3 steps to liposuction.

The first step is injecting tumescent fluid into your body fat, which includes a numbing agent. Once that is done, the next step involves the different types of liposuction being used.  Your doctor can either use smart lipo that makes use of a laser to break down the fat.  They can also use vapor lipo, which makes use of ultrasonic energy to break down the fat. After that is done, the process goes to the third step, whereby the excess fat is suctioned out.

As you can see, the difference in the types of liposuction really lies in the form of energy that is used to break the fat. The pricing of the liposuction can vary depending on a number of areas, and also whether local or general anesthesia is going to be used to keep you awake or asleep during the procedure.  An estimated cost for this procedure can range anywhere from $3900 to $8200, but you will get an exact quote at the time of your initial consultation.

Now that you understand the different types of liposuction that are available, it would be up to you to choose the one that you consider to be suitable for your needs. The specialist that you will visit will help you in this area.

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