Things To Know About The O Shot

If you are woman and have hard time achieving an orgasm, it would be a good idea to look for treatments that can help ensure your health is in good standing. The O Shot is one of the treatments that you should definitely try. It can help you achieve stronger orgasms and solve many other problems.

So what is the O Shot? In full, it stands for orgasm shot, and it is a treatment that involves injecting the clitoris, labia as well as G-spot with platelets that are extracted your own blood.   A platelet is a substance in the blood that contains healing proteins referred to as growth factors.

The O Shot works to increase sexual arousal and also rejuvenate the vagina. This treatment can help with a lot of issues, including decreased libido, urge urinary incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, lichen planus, postpartum fecal incontinence, chronic pain from traumatic childbirth, chronic interstitial cystitis, chronic pain from mesh as well as decreased ability to orgasm.

Everyone does not experience the same results from this treatment. However, 50 percent of women experience immediate effects while other 50 percent may simply notice a little improvement. A lot of people that have undergone this treatment have reported to have an improved sex life as well as being able to achieve both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. It is something that can greatly improve the quality of your life provided that everything is done properly.

Even though women’s libidos or sexual desire vary by an individual and can fluctuate over time, lower libidos could have some underlying causes. For instance, having the inability to orgasm, pain during sex, experiencing difficulty orgasming, drinking too much alcohol, and so on. When you get this treatment, it can result into an increase in libido.

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