Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville

Toe Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for nail fungus is the best treatment that you should use if you have onychomycosis, or toe nail fungus.  Also referred to as laser Genesis, this treatment targets the root cause of the problem.  It makes  treatment of toe nail fungus a lot faster, more effective and less frustrating for people with long term problems.  The best place to go for this treatment is at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville.

So how does this nail fungus treatment work? The GenesisPlus passes miniscule, brief pulses of light through the toe nail that is fungus infected, something that makes it possible to treat fungus underneath without the need for an invasive procedure.  The fungus is irradiated, and the adjacent skin and nail are left undamaged.

When you decide to try toe nail fungus treatment in Florida, you will probably be interested in knowing how long the procedure takes.  Since the team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville wants to see your fungus gone for good, they will treat toes on both feet.  Doing this will prevent the fungus from migrating or managing to maintain a hold onto your skin. The whole procedure takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Another thing that you probably want to know is if you will feel pain during the laser treatment for nail fungus.  Most people experience gentle warming during the procedure. There will be no need for any pain medication after undergoing this procedure. People find this treatment to be quite tolerable as well as highly rewarding. Another thing that you love about this procedure is the fact that you can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. Provided that you stick to the instructions that you will be given by the doctor, your fungus will clear as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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