Where To Get The Best Lip Fillers In NYC

There are multiple options that exist for natural-looking lip augmentation. You can go for surgical implants for a lip augmentation or non-surgical dermal fillers that last several months.  Whichever lip augmentation method you decide to use, the end goal is to provide fuller and sexier lips without distorting the natural lip borders and lines or the proportion of the face.  The added benefit of lip fillers NYC is that you will see fewer wrinkles around your mouth after the procedure.

For the best lip fillers NYC, consider contacting Dr. Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS. You can benefit from this procedure if you exhibit conditions such as small lips, asymmetrical lips, thin or flat lips, vertical lips wrinkles and drooping lips. The procedure itself requires placement of a soft silicone implant that is shaped to provide a natural appearance and is available in different sizes. If necessary, the implant can be removed. A very small incision is made through which the implant is inserted carefully. When you undergo the surgery, you should expect some bruising and sensitivity for up to two weeks after undergoing the surgery.

So how much are lip fillers in NYC? In order to know the cost of this procedure, you should schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Pfeifer. Keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on the method that you consider right for you.  A lot of people usually prefer fuller, smoother lips after undergoing lip augmentation. There are some people who choose to maintain their new look with repeated injections and some who don’t. When you meet with Dr. Pfeifer for a consultation, you can discuss the available options and decides if or when you want to proceed with lip augmentation.

For more information on where to get the best lip fillers NYC, visit our website at https://www.drpfeifer.com/