A Look At Dr. Wendy Roberts Skin Regimen For Black Skin

It is important to look for a skin regimen for black skin if you have a dark or ethnic skin color. If you  use an approach that is suitable for Caucasian people, you may not like the results that you will get. Focusing on the skin type of African-Americans, Dr. Wendy Roberts says that dark skin has melanin in large amounts,  meaning that the skin has more built-in protection from the  surface sun damage. Because of this, African-American women  generally develop fewer wrinkles that appear about a decade later compared to the time that it takes for them to appear on fair skin.

However, just because you have dark skin should not be a reason for you to get a false sense of security, because the natural protection against the sun is not enough to fully provide protection against  the harmful ultraviolet rays that are responsible for serious signs of aging as well as skin cancer. Additionally, the substantial amount of melanin in the skin also means that the excess pigment often leads to dark spots and an uneven skin tone which starts  at around early 40s. You need to look for a black skin care regimen if you want to continue having youthful and glowing skin even as age catches up with you.

Dr. Roberts has an anti-aging plan that dark skin people can use for a  beautiful and glowing skin even in the old age. It includes using a gentle granule-free cleanser two times a day. The doctor cautions that anything  with granules, no matter how superfine they are,  can signal the skin to pump  out  more melanin  if you overuse it. You are advised to use a basic cleanser for your skin type and an electric skin brush, two to three times a week in order to exfoliate gently.

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