Reasons Why Insurance Brokers Should Archive Text Messages

Insurance companies brokers are supposed to record mobile messages in accordance with the text archiving, safekeeping as well as accessibility requirements of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Gramm Lech Bliley Act, among other regulations and legislations. While many insurance brokers are aware of these regulatory and business requirements for capturing and recording mobile text messages, there are some who are still in doubt.  Here are some reasons why you need to archive text messages if you have a business in this field.

First of all, a text message archive will ensure compliance with text archiving laws as well as regulations. Insurance brokers are supposed to comply with a number of mobile archiving laws and regulations which specify the need for capturing as well as recording all electronic business communications and retain them in a durable format for a specified period of time. An archiving solution can help the brokers meet these legal and regulatory standards, something that will in turn help avoid the hefty costs of non-compliance.

When you archive text messages, it can also help provide rapid assistance.  Instead of customers calling  a special number and being forced to wait for minutes, or even hours before they get the chance to talk to  a customer service representative,  they can use a messaging platform to send information  about their policies, ask about their claims or respond to the advice that the insurance brokers provided.

Archiving text messages will also make the process submitting claims easier.  Using a text archiving tool, insurance brokers can securely and compliantly enable clients to submit their claims without the need for downloading online forms or sending photos through email.

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