A Look at the Services Offered at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa

medical spa

Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa offers a wide range of services that are designed to improve your health as well as wellbeing. At this med spa, you can get such services as facials and massages, but it is different from a basic spa because it also offers treatments that require supervision of a doctor, such as IPL laser treatments and BOTOX injections. Unlike a regular spa that focuses on relaxation and pampering, Ciao Bella medical spa emphasizes the results of the treatments that are offered.

So, exactly what kind of services can you get at this medical spa?  This spa mainly specializes in medical aesthetics, which is a subspecialty of medicine that involves non-surgical treatments for various anti-aging or cosmetic treatments of the face or body. They can involve use of injectables or prescription skin creams.  Other treatments can include PRP facial, fat removal as well as vaginal rejuvenation.

PRP facial that is offered at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa is a cutting-edge procedure that makes use of platelet rich plasma to produce tighter and smoother skin.  It uses your body’s own healing agents to stimulate skin recovery and create a better looking skin.  The PRP is injected into various parts of the face to stimulate collagen growth and provide a more youthful glow.

There are two main types of injectables that are offered at this med spa, namely relaxers and fillers.  Relaxers such as BOTOX temporarily paralyze the facial muscles that are responsible for causing wrinkles.  Dermal fillers like Juvederm fill in creases or lines, and they can also add volume to your skin. They can fill in hollow cheeks and plump up thin lips.

For more information on the services at Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa, visit our website at https://ciaobellamed.com/benefits-receiving-aesthetic-wellness-services-medical-spa/