How To Purchase A full PPE Kit

If you are looking to purchase a full PPE kit, you need to know how to choose the right one from the available choices. While there are many PPE kits these days, there are some that may not be suitable for your needs, or for your employees’ needs. The following are some of the important components that should be part of your PPE kit.

One of the important components that you should look for in the full PPE kit that you will purchase is hand protection gear.  Gloves are a must have in any PPE kit.  These gloves are usually the disposable ones that you can discard after using them once in order to minimize the risk of infection. You can purchase nitrile-coated gloves, latex gloves, heat-resistant gloves, plastic gloves and more depending on your skin sensitivity and needs.

You should also look for head protection gear in the PPE kit that you will choose. Even though most bodysuits come with a hood, a lot of frontline workers prefer to wear a head cap inside the hood for better protection.

A good full PPE kit should also have face protection. Both face masks and face shields are being used for protecting the face from exposure as well as minimizing as the risk of infection. Your PPE kit can have a disposable mask or a reusable one along with a reusable face shield to protect you from splashes and also from coming in direct contact with infection sources.

Last but not least, make sure that your PPE kit has eye protection gear. Safety goggles are very important for protecting your eyes from foreign bodies. Make sure that you choose a kit that has durable safety goggles.

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