Important Things To Know About Fibroid Degeneration

How long does fibroid degeneration last? This is something that you may be interested to know if you just discovered that you have fibroids, or if it is something that you are just curious about. This is a condition that affects 80 percent of women before they reach age 50. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that can affect a woman’s life in many ways; causing pain, excessive bleeding, among other symptoms. Something that is not talked about a lot is fibroid degeneration.

When a fibroid becomes excessively large, it can become impossible for the body to supply enough blood and nutrients to sustain the growth of the fibroid. This can in turn cause the cells of the fibroids to start to degenerate and die. In most cases, the fibroids start growing again. The symptoms of fibroid degeneration can be even more painful.  If you are familiar with the symptoms of this condition, you will find the symptoms of degeneration to be worse.  They include fibroids sharp stabbing pain at the site, fever as well as swelling of the abdomen. The pain from the degeneration can last for several weeks.

What happens when a fibroid degenerates?  As already pointed above, degeneration of fibroids can be accompanied by a lot of pain. Fibroids on a stalk are more susceptible to degeneration. The fibroids can grow on a stalk extending out from the uterine wall. In such cases, the stalk can become twisted, something that will in turn cut off the blood supply from to the fibroid. If this occurs, the pain is even worse and it lasts longer compared to normal degeneration. In severe cases, a surgery may be needed to remove the fibroid and eliminate the symptoms.

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