Is It Easier To Lose Weight After Liposuction?

Liposuction is a very common plastic surgery option in Australia.  This procedure has been helping people achieve their ideal bodies for decades, and it has a strong track record of efficacy and safety.  At Real Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in Moonee Ponds, VI, Mr. Soleno can help you  sculpt the body you want through liposuction and get results that you will like in the end.

Is it easier to lose weight after liposuction? This is something you may want to know before giving this procedure a try. The answer to this question is an interesting  mix of both no and sort of. To understand it well, you need to know how fat cells work, what liposuction does as well as how liposuction affects the body.

Unlike most  other types of cells, fat cells are static. Once you go through adolescence, you do not normally grow any new cells except  when there is a case of extreme weight gain. When you gain weight, the body packs  more nutrients  in the existing fat cells that act as storage units.  These cells expand when this happens,  and when you lose weight, the body uses that stored nutrition and causes the fat cells to shrink.

Unfortunately, we cannot  just tell our bodies that we would like to get rid of fat from a particular region in our body.  Exercise and diet, if done well, can  help you lose weight after liposuction by causing the fat cells to let go off their nutrition and shrink, but you do not have a lot of control over where that happens.  What this means is that you could see dramatic weight loss and still be unhappy with the shape that you are left with.

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