January 2021

Advantages of a Custom Kitchen Cabinet Anaheim

Storage cabinets are essential part of any house. There are several types of cabinets storage to choose from. To begin with is the stock cabinetry. This type of cabinet storages is the most practical and economical. However, they are not customizable and their choice is limited. The second type of cabinet storage, is the semi-custom …

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What is Identity As A Service?

In some cases, many people are unable to tell or define the phrase “what is identity-as-a-service?”  However, in the simplest of terms, identity-as-a-service refers to identity and access management (a term, commonly known as IAM) capabilities managed by third parties in the form of software-as-a-service, commonly known as SaaS.  Identity access management extensively handles management …

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What is IDAAS?

Many people usually ask themselves “what is IDaaS”? In full, IDaaS denotes identity as a service. It is made up of cloud-based solutions used during identity and access management functions. Identity and access management functions include functions such as single sign-on abbreviated as SSO. Identity and management functions allow clients, customers, third parties, and personnel …

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