Does Thermage From Artful Aesthetics Really Work?

Does Thermage From Artful Aesthetics Really Work?

Thermage is a cutting-edge treatment that you should consider if you have  started noticing lately that your skin is becoming loose in some areas,  or if you are suffering from saggy skin as a result of the aging  process. This is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for loose skin in the  arms, abdomen, face,  thighs and elsewhere. You  can get to know more about this treatment from the  attentive medical specialists at Artful Aesthetics  in Oakland, CA.

Does thermage really work? This is something that you may be interested to know before giving this treatment a try. Thermage has garnered widespread popularity because of the  fact that it uses non-invasive technology  known radiofrequency energy. RF energy is delivered with the use of a handheld device, and it can warm  certain targeted areas of your body without the use of  surgery or injections.  When the RF energy is delivered to the lower layers of the dermis,  it stimulates collagen production.

The effect of this is twofold. First of all, the RF energy will have an immediate effect on the collagen that already exists in your skin. It will cause the collagen to shrink and contract, something that will in turn lead to an immediate tightening of the skin.  Secondly,  the production of new collagen will make sure  that the results you get are long lasting as the body starts to change the composition  of  the skin over the next few weeks.

The RF energy that is delivered by the handheld device only affects the deep levels of the skin, and specifically in the areas of your body that you want to target.  It does not affect the surface of the skin and the upper levels.

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