A Look At The Popular 1930s Candy

1930s Candy

Apart from the invention of  the Monopoly board game, the folks in the 1930s also wrote chain letters and played Bingo.  Besides that, one of their greatest joys was candy. There was no shortage of candy in the 1930s,  and most of it was very affordable.  Here are some of the top 1930s candy treats.

You can mention the 1930s without mentioning the Chick-O-Stick candy. This old-fashioned candy has been enjoyed plenty over the years, and it first came out in 1938.  It is a unique candy bar with the delicious pairing of a honeycombed candy outside, filled with crunchy peanut butter and then rolled in a coating of delightful toasted coconut.

The Chick-O-Stick candy is a breakable long cylinder shaped stick that makes it easy to share, or to save some for later if you can.  At the time of its debut, it first went by the name of “Chicken Bones”. (Of course, Canadians have a very different idea of what Chicken Bones candy is all about). This name seems much better suited to this distinctively crunchy, orange, old fashioned candy.

The Big Hunk Candy Bar is another 1930s candy you must try. This old-fashioned candy bar is nothing short of chewy, delicious decadence. It is filled with roasted peanuts that are covered in a supremely chewy honey nougat. This candy bar was first introduced in the market early 1930s, and it is from the Annabelle Candy Company, who are the same makers of the famous Abba Zabba Candy Bar.

The old fashioned Big Hunk gained widespread popularity upon its release and soon after became a top seller. Some people prefer to freeze it before eating it and then breaking it into smaller more manageable pieces. But if you are into supremely chewy and heavenly delicious nougat, eating the Big Hunk as it is, is perfect.

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