A Look At The British Chocolate Bars From Candy District

British Chocolate Bars

You should try out the British chocolate bars from Candy District if you would like to treat yourself like royalty today. With the delicious selection of exquisite British chocolate from this online candy store, your taste buds are going to be properly pampered. You can many options at your disposal, from Frys Turkish delight Cadbury’s delectable Twirl Chocolate Bar, and the delightful Curly Wurly, just to mention a few.

From across the pond, into your chocolate-loving hand, Candy District has the sweetest British chocolate in all of Candy Land. You definitely need to try out the Cadbury Curly Wurly Candy Bars that you will find at this candy store. The Curly Wurly Candy Bar is a braided, soft and chewy caramel that is covered in a thin layer of rich Cadbury milk chocolate. While this sounds simple, but in real sense it is divinely exquisite. This candy is 8 inches of sweet, stretchy strands of caramel paired with bits of chocolate.

Every bite of Cadbury Curly Wurly Candy is perfect.  This candy used to be known as Wig Wag Chocolate Bar in Canada, and as Marathon Bar in the United States of America. There was also a German version of this candy know as 3 Musketeers and a Dutch version known as  Leckerschmecker.

Cadbury Curly Wurly Candy Bar was designed by John Parfitt, who was a researcher at the Bournville Cadbury factory in the United Kingdom. While he was doing experiments with some leftover toffees, the idea for Curly Wurly was born.  He never knew that the world would fall in love with his experiment.

The Curly Wurly chocolate bar has been around since 1970, and even though it has been called many different names, one fact remains; it is simply delicious.

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