Important Things To Know About Sculptra Filler

woman with her hand on cheek

Having a youthful and glowing face is every woman’s, and even men’s, dream.  A youthful female face is typically round, full and heart-shaped.  Male features on the other hand  tend to be strong and angular.  With time, we start losing volume in the face,  something that creates aged features.  Sculptra filler can help counteract this process and restore fullness around the  temples, cheeks, mouth and jaws.  Through gradual collagen stimulation and growth, this treatment can also help restore the vibrant appearance of youth that you once had.

You are probably a good candidate  for sculptra if you want a facial filler with results that last much longer.  What makes this treatment different is the fact that it works gradually, and the results improve over the course of  a few treatments, and it can last for as much as two years.

So, what exactly is sculptra treatment?  It is an FDA approved formula that plumps the face. It helps people look younger by replacing collagen and making the skin soft and smooth.  Apart from replacing collagen, sculptra also stimulates production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in the body.  It acts  as a scaffold for the skin and helps you to have a thicker, healthy skin that keeps its shape as well as an even texture.

Sculptra fills in the depressed areas around the face and boosts collagen levels in the skin, helping you maintain a heathier skin for  up to 2 years.  The improved collagen levels  enable you to have  natural results in the long run. One of the reasons why sculptra stands out from the other dermal fillers is the fact that  it strengthens the skin  and allows it to function naturally.

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