What is Ultherapy?

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You should look for Ultherapy near me if you are not happy with loose and sagging skin but are not ready or comfortable with undergoing any invasive procedures to correct these visible signs of aging. Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin, reducing certain signs of aging, and subtly improving  and revitalizing the skin without  any post-treatment  healing or downtime.

Utherapy is a treatment technique that has been used in  aesthetics for several years.  It is non-ablative, meaning  that it will not damage  or injure the surface of the skin  during the treatment.  It is a treatment that  has been tested  and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for safety as well as efficacy. It can be used for treating multiple areas of the body, such as the neck,  chin, brow, décolletage,  and more.  The Ultherapy benefits are many, provided that the procedure is done properly by a competent specialist.

So how does Ultherapy work?  During this treatment,  a handheld device is held against the selected areas whereby it emits ultrasound energy into the skin.  This energy bypasses  the superficial layer of the skin,  converting to gentle heat and providing thermal coagulation  to the underlying tissues. The natural healing response of the skin is stimulated during the Ultherapy process, increasing the production of collagen that was lost during the aging process. This leads to improvement in the strength and structure of the skin, something that in turn restores the natural shape and appearance of the skin.

Apart from ultrasound therapy being used during treatment,  advanced ultrasound imaging is used throughout the session in order to allow the doctor to monitor where the energy is being delivered and ensure precise treatment with the best results.

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