What is IDAAS?

Many people usually ask themselves “what is IDaaS”? In full, IDaaS denotes identity as a service. It is made up of cloud-based solutions used during identity and access management functions. Identity and access management functions include functions such as single sign-on abbreviated as SSO. Identity and management functions allow clients, customers, third parties, and personnel of a given company to access their information both on and off the company’s premises in the most secure way possible.

Identify as a service also is responsible for collecting intelligence by the use of logging and reporting events anytime the users access particular information. By doing so Identity as a Service makes it possible for companies to understand, monitor, and improve the behaviors of their clients, customers, and third parties.

Identity as a service usually comprises biometrics such as fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris scanning, and the Multi-factor authentication commonly known as MFA. Multi-factor authentication as a component of identity as a service is being used today by many people and organizations because it requires more than one set of verification. As such it bases its verification on the criterion of knowledge which is all about keying in a password that the user had set before.

MFA also uses the criterion of possession whereby the IP address of a given phone is registered as belonging to a given user hence no other person can use that particular device to perform a certain command. The last criterion used by MFA is inheritance. This is where the biometrics feature comes in handy since data relating to a fingerprint, face, or iris is registered and then verified.

New features such as voice recognition and typing recognition are some of the new features of IDaaS. Because of the added layer of security, user information is very much protected from identity theft and security breach. As such IDaaS is being used by big corporations to secure their user’s data.

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