What is Identity As A Service?

In some cases, many people are unable to tell or define the phrase “what is identity-as-a-service?”  However, in the simplest of terms, identity-as-a-service refers to identity and access management (a term, commonly known as IAM) capabilities managed by third parties in the form of software-as-a-service, commonly known as SaaS.  Identity access management extensively handles management of digital identities in the form of people, organizations, or things. It also deals with the roles and privileges of these identities within digital services. Identity and access management is usually used by agencies to verify the details of registered uses and restrict the users to applications or information they are registered to access.

The above definition of the phrase “what is identity-as-a-service?” helps businesses and organizations know the importance of identity and management (IAM) technologies. For starters, identity-as-a-service helps in safeguarding user data against data breaches and identity theft. This is the most vital function of identity-as-a-service.  It is used to secure and use identity data and identity credentials alongside restricting system access to only privileged users. Data breach and identity theft cases usually damage the reputation of the affected organization.  For member-based organizations, members can withdraw their membership because of the same. As such it is important to incorporate the use of identity-as-a-service technologies.

The last benefit of identity-as-a-service is that it improves user experience. This can be in the form of creating the easiest registration processes for customer-facing applications and consequently turning visitors or third parties into customers. This is also beneficial in the sense that it gives users an intuitive sign-up and verification options such as biometrics like fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and iris scanning. lastly once a customer is registered he or she can use connected applications in the confines of the registered service.

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