Types Of Commercial Roofing In NAPLES FL

brown roof tiles in close up photography

There are several types of commercial roofs. Different buildings require different types of commercial roofing depending on the building design, size, and budget of the owner. The price varies per type. The type of commercial roof you choose will determine how long it will last before damaging. Below are some types of commercial roofing Naples FL.

The first type is the Built-up roofing membrane. It is made by alternating measures of tar and gravel. It is a flexible roof type in that the number of layers can be made to vary to meet a certain cost. It also affects durability. This type of commercial roofing Naples FL is cost-effective and easy to repair. It is one of the oldest and strongest roofing types there is today. It has a life span of 20 years with good maintenance.

The second type of commercial roofing is metal roofing. This is a very popular type of commercial roofing Naples FL with a life span of 40 to 60 years. This type of roofing can be achieved by using metals like copper, metal tile sheets, aluminum, zinc and tin, copper, and lead among others. Metal roofing has an attractive finished look, strong fire resistance, and is strong and durable. Metal is prone to rust and damage due to prolonged sunlight. It is for this reason n that they are coated with protective surface layers.

Lastly, another type of commercial roofing Naples FL is green roofing. They consist of a waterproof membrane completely covered in green plants. This type of commercial roofing has gained popularity in recent years. It can protect the building from the elements and at the same time managing water and drainage and climate control. Its features provide a good space for employees to relax and rest.

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