Essential Elements Of Compliant Call Monitoring

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Communication with consumers is a very important activity in a company. Through communication with consumers, you can learn your areas of weakness as an organization and come up with ways for improvements. Call monitoring is therefore very important as you can ensure that all customers are treated fairly according to their standards and that advisor is demonstrating compliant behavior when speaking with customers over the phone. Below are some essential elements of compliant call monitoring.

The first essential element of compliant call monitoring is the identification of high-risk traders that are monitored over time. I t is very important that firms ensure all information and data on their customers is accounted for when monitoring trader activities to prevent cases of manipulative trading. Complete surveillance of situations and traders’ actions will help provide essential insight about a particular trader apart from the data you get from just monitoring and recording calls.

The second essential element of compliant call monitoring is development of Lexicons for high volume voice call-based trades. As a way of ensuring your employees are not conducting illegal activities via phone calls you should ensure you have a list of keywords and phrases that once used by an employee to an alleged customer they get flagged. For example phrases like “call me at home” and “just between the two of us” By doing this you will help ensure monitoring efforts are maximized on voice communications that require most attention from you and those that signal ongoing illegal activities.

Lastly, another essential element of compliant call monitoring is upgrading legacy voice recording systems for efficient call archiving. Efficient call monitoring will not occur if the firm does not have a mobile recording solution that can capture mobile phone calls. As we know nowadays traders place orders directly via employees cell phone. Due to this, you need to ensure you can still capture this calls recordings to ensure the employee is not exploiting traders. Use mobile archiving products that can securely capture content from mobile carriers and mobile devices.

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