Tobacco Flavor RELX Review

The tobacco flavor RELX is a classic and perfect for those who miss the taste of tobacco without the lingering smell. It features notes of medium blend tobacco with a smoky aromatic finish. RELX Classic Pods use its innovative FEELM technology – The wicking material is based on a ceramic block with a flat thin heating element that ensures that there is exceptional vapor production as well as a smooth flavor profile.

The tobacco flavor RELX pod system is apparently the most popular closed pod e-cigarette in the Philippines. It is a pre-filled pod system that is primarily aimed at the beginner market – it is popular amongst among smokers who would like to give vaping a try thanks to the relatively low entry cost and its ease of use.

In the starter kit, there is a compact but nicely presented box which displays the kit the color of your choice on the front of the box along with a list the contents on the back. Upon opening the box, you will be presented with a large cardboard sleeve with the message “Break the Habit” emblazoned across the front part. When you turn this around, you come across a simple quick start guide inviting you to throw away your last pack of cigarettes so that you can start enjoying your new RELX, which comes pre-charged for you to start using it straight away.

There is a more comprehensive instruction booklet that is well written inside the sleeve of the tobacco flavor RELX pod system. This booklet gives you clear information on the use of the new device. Under this, there is the RELX battery and two smaller cardboard boxes that contain a micro USB charge cable and a mint flavored pod.

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