Ways Of Converting Bathtub To Showers Irvine CA

Having the time to re-freshen up in the morning or before going to bed is generally a luxury. With showers, one can enjoy such luxury quicker and with a lot of practicality. This is the reason why more homeowners are moving from bathtubs to showers. Showers are also significantly efficient than bathtubs in terms of functionality and overall aesthetics. As such when converting bathtub to showers, a homeowner needs to give it his or her best to get the best results from the conversion. The following are the ways of converting bathtub to showers Irvine CA.

The first method of convertingĀ  bathtub to showers Irvine CA is tearing out the tub and installing a shower. This is the most common way in which a homeowner can convert a bathtub to a shower. The current bathtub is removed and a new shower unit is added. This method can be very overwhelming and stressful. As such, the homeowner should hire a contractor who is well experienced in that particular job. When a bathtub is removed, one will have to install new tiles in the place where the bathtub had been installed to avoid water spilling out into the bathroom. On many occasions, one will have to replace the whole flooring to make sure that the flooring tiles match hence eliminating the traces of the conversion.

The last method of converting bathtub to showers Irvine CA is retrofitting the plumbing to create a shower unit. This is usually considered the least invasive method of converting bathtub to showers. The method is all about combining a shower and a tub, hence a homeowner does not have to take out the whole bathtub. The contractor in this case only has to add the required plumbing for a shower. As such, the wall of the bathroom will have to be opened up to install the new plumbing for the shower. After installing the plumbing for the shower, tiles would have to be added to make the shower area waterproof.

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