Types Of Bathtub To Showers Huntington Beach CA Conversions

At one point in time, a bathtub to showers Huntington Beach CA conversions becomes necessary. The need for a more functional space to take a bath in is usually the dream of every homeowner. With a functional shower, there is enough space for one to move around while at the same time offering the luxury a shower deserves. Bathtub to shower Huntington Beach CA is usually a straightforward process and a homeowner can opt to do it on his/her own through the DIY route. There are two ways in which the conversion can be done. The following are the two types of bathtub to showers Huntington Beach CA conversions.

The first type of bathtub to showers Huntington Beach CA conversions involves tearing out the tub and installing a shower unit. This is the major way in which one can do bathtub to shower conversion. It is as straightforward as it sounds in the sense that one removes the bathtub and installs a shower unit or a showerhead. With this type of bathtub showers conversion, one is likely to spend more money since he or she has to buy new tiles to cover the concrete floor that was under the bathtub. On some occasions, one might be forced to replace the whole flooring if he or she wants the entire floor to match.

The last type of bathtub to showers Huntington Beach CA conversions involves retrofitting the plumbing to create a shower or a water supply fixture. This method is not only less invasive but is also affordable. This is because the bathtub is not removed hence the concrete floor underneath does not have to be covered with new tiles which might subsequently force one to re-do all the flooring in the shower space. The only things that one will have to do are to open up one of the walls to install the new plumbing for the shower and then covering the wall with tiles to make the shower area waterproof.

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