Things To Know About Call Center Identity Verification Solutions

Identity verification solutions are not just as important online, but also in a call-center environment. Delivering a satisfactory customer experience on the phone can be a make or break opportunity for a lot of organizations. Whether you are dealing with new or existing customers in your company, if they trust you today, then chances are they will do business with you tomorrow.

However, with incidences of identity theft and fraud on the rise each day, it has become even more important for business people to establish new and innovative ways of protecting customer identity and conveying trust. When it comes to a call center environment, use of dynamic KBA (knowledge-based authentication) is an effective way of verifying that a customer is who they claim to be without putting your business or your customer’s privacy at risk.

Dynamic knowledge-based authentication works by presenting a series of fact-based multiple choice questions that only the person who is being verified can be able to answer. The questions are created dynamically and they do not require any previous relationship with the consumer.

When you decide to implement call center identity verification solutions in your call center there are various things you can do in order to make the process effective. One of them is automating as much as possible using a streamlined verification process.  This will help shorten call times, maximize efficiency and increase the revenue of your business.

In order to get the most out of call center identity verification, another thing you need to do is use dynamic KBA to quickly approve orders and/or customer account changes. This will help reduce multiple call transfers, improve customer satisfaction, reduce fraud and keep you compliant.

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