Is Cabinet Refacing Long Beach Really Worth It?

silver utensils in drawer

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen in Long Beach, you may be torn between refacing and replacing your existing kitchen cabinets.  It is not necessary to replace your existing cabinets if the only  problem you have with them is their dull or drab look. Cabinet refacing Long Beach  can give your kitchen a brand new look while at the same time saving you a substantial amount of money.

So, what exactly is cabinet refacing? It is the process of replacing cabinet skin panels in order to give your kitchen a dramatic new look. You can choose to reface your cabinets if they are scratched or cracked, or if you simply desire a change.  It involves removing the drawer fronts and the cabinet doors and applying a new veneer on the cabinets’ body surfaces. You can also replace the cabinet hardware  that comprises the cabinet hinges, handles as well as drawer pulls.

Unlike a cabinet replacement project that can take a couple of days or even an entire week,  refacing requires just a day or two to complete, and it involves a number of things.  These includes removing the existing cabinet doors, drawers and fronts, leaving the drawer boxes, covering the front portions of the cabinet boxes with natural wood veneer or rigid thermofoil, skinning the cabinet sides with wood veneer or laminate, installing new doors and drawer fronts, adding new door hinges or reusing existing hinges in good condition, and installing new handles, drawer pulls and other fixtures or using the existing ones if they are still in good shape. As part of the refacing project, you can also install accessories such as glass panels, crown molding and lighting.

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