How To Buy A Kitchen Cabinet Mission Viejo

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If you are looking for a brand new kitchen cabinet Mission Viejo set to install in your kitchen during an upcoming kitchen remodel, you need to know how to separate the good from the bad. Buying kitchen cabinets and investing in quality materials among the smartest things you can do during a remodel project. Statistics show that modern buyers crave beautiful, yet functional kitchens, and they have the willingness to pay a premium to get them.

Before you purchase brand new kitchen cabinets, you need to find out the type of finish used. A very durable finish is an oven-cured catalyzed conversion varnish top coat which provides a clear, non-yellowing, chemically-resistant finish. Least durable top coats for kitchen cabinets are lacquer and catalyzed lacquer. The problem with lacquer-finished cabinets is that just a few years after they are installed, the area around the pulls and knobs forms a tacky, dark color. This is an indicator that the lacquer is wearing down from everyday handling as well as exposure to water, detergents, chemicals, as well as steam from the coffee maker and dishwasher. Lacquers also become yellow with time, something that does not happen with a catalyzed conversion varnish.

If you want a top quality kitchen cabinet Mission Viejo, choose one that has catalyzed conversion varnish. Cabinetry that is finished with this process looks better and holds up better over time compared to cabinetry that has a lacquer top coat. This catalyzed conversion varnish more than durable; it’s beautiful. It has a lustrous feel, incredible depth as well as an understated, elegant satin sheen. It is what you would expect of fine heirloom furniture, hence the name the “furniture finish.”

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