Duties of a Dermatologist in Cebu

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The majority know dermatologists to be physicians who treat conditions related to the skin. They however also treat disorders related to hair and nails. Dermatologists only operate once a license is issued. Some dermatologists have specialized in different fields of dermatology. Most dermatologists however have similar duties. Below are some of the duties of any Dermatology Doctor in Cebu.

The first duty of a Dermatologist in Cebu is providing consultations. This is one of the common roles of any dermatologist. It may be through a referral or just a patient concerned by changes in the texture of his/her skin. A consultation involves the dermatologist taking down a patient’s medical history and maybe performing a physical exam while discussing a patient’s concern involving the skin.

Secondly, another duty of a Skin Doctor in Cebu performing dermatological screenings and diagnostic tests. A dermatologist, in this case, will check for visible symptoms, suspicious lesions, and potentially problematic areas. A dermatologist may go over the skin using a series of lights to check for cancerous or pre-cancerous moles, melanomas or tumors, patches among other abnormalities. In diagnostic tests, Dermatology in Cebu requires obtaining only the obvious visible symptoms. For accurate results most dermatologists may go an extra mile to conduct diagnostic tests on skin samples, to cancel out cancer and any other serious issue that may arise.

Lastly, another duty of a Dermatologist in Cebu is performing dermatological procedures, prescribing medication, and even provide the patient with education on how to maintain good results. Once screening and diagnostic tests are conducted necessary minor surgical procedures might follow if need. Treatments that require injections to treats conditions such as cystic acne internally are also conducted. Once all that is done, a dermatologist prescribes medication such as pills and ointments. Further patient education may follow, to prevent it from recurring.

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