The Advantages of Having a Blood Test At Home

Blood Test At Home

Doing a blood test at home has a number of benefits. A home blood test can be carried out to detect various diseases such as malaria, diabetes, dengue and HIV/AIDS, just to mention a few. A complete blood count test or what is commonly referred to as CBC can help determine the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in your blood stream. This can help detect abnormalities in your number. Blood tests for virus borne diseases can help examine if you suffer from the concerned disease or not.

A blood test at home can also help you know if you are anaemic, if you suffer from cholesterol, if you have cardiovascular diseases, or if you have thyroid problems. While blood tests are commonly performed at diagnostic centres, these days blood sample collection from home is gaining immense popularity because of the advantages that it presents.

One of the biggest advantages of at-home blood test is that it helps the elderly and the invalid. A lot of elderly or invalid patients can find traveling to diagnostic centres to carry out a blood test quite taxing because they get tired easily and may even suffer from other health problems that restrict walking or traveling. For such people, a blood test at home can be a very convenient option because they do not have to travel at all.

Another benefit of an at-home blood test is that it can help calm anxious patients. A lot of patients get anxious or feel restless at the thought of getting treated in a hospital, and as a result, they can get panic attacks or fits. For such people, going to a diagnostic centre is not a good idea at all. Anxious patients can benefit from home blood tests because staying in a familiar environment can help calm their nerves.

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