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Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

Most users take shortcuts with passwords, including the same password for every application, writing down the password on a notepad, and using weak passwords. This leads to a large number of data breaches and compromised account credentials. More than 80% of the largest leaks are caused by compromised account credentials. For this reason, Passwordless Authentication is a crucial step in ensuring the security of online data.

Besides security, Passwordless Authentication also improves user experience. It eliminates the need to type in a password and verify it, and it is faster than the traditional password-based authentication process. The best part of Passwordless Auth is that it can be implemented with ease. Many companies have already adopted it and are working on the next step: the implementation. This step is expensive, and it is not a straightforward and simple process.

However, Passwordless Authentication can also be expensive. It requires a large number of changes to implement. Most companies prefer implement Passwordless Authentication one element at a time. By doing so, they can test the technology and gather user feedback. This is an important step in making this technology a successful passwordless Authentication solution for their business. With these advantages, it is no wonder that it has become an industry-standard.

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