Why Identity Management Day Matters to All of Us

identity management

For the past few years, businesses across several industries worldwide have seen the rising demand for rapid digital transformation that would be beneficial for business operations. Along with this comes the increased reliance on digital networks that created an opportunity for cybercriminal opportunists to breach corporate accounts and seize sensitive personal data. Despite the heightened attention on strengthening various cybersecurity measures and infrastructures initiated by IT teams, cyberattacks remain to be a threat that is only becoming more sophisticated over time.

This continuous increase in cyberattacks means that it is more crucial than ever to properly secure and manage the digital identities of employees and customers, which are paramount to risk management and achieving true digital transformation.

Digital identity refers to the sum of all the available online information related to an individual, organization, or device. For people, digital identity primarily comprises of personally identifiable information or PII used for online identity verification.

Digital identity also consists of various information ranging from login credentials, biometric data, online activity, and purchasing behaviors, among many others. It is the composite of all unique data that can be linked back to an entity to prove that identity is the same as what it says it is.

Digital identity holds valuable and sensitive information, so an entity or person needs to securely verify themselves in a digital world through a knowledge-authentication alternative. Digital identities also tend to pose a lucrative opportunity that cybercriminals can exploit and use for their gain. For your preferences visit LoginID for more info.

Digital identities consist of unique identifiers that enable seamless biometric identity authentication. It is considered a secure and accurate way of verifying identity and knowing who is behind every transaction for fraud prevention in the long run.

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