Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic

Earning money while doing what you love to do is a dream many people have. And this is what happens in betting.

Betting is among the most well-loved pastimes in the world. Since its introduction to the public, many individuals have participated and are continuously partaking in betting. More so these days because of the steady popularity of online gambling. Placing a bet has also been made easier as many trusted online casino Malaysia is available for gamblers.

Like the traditional betting scenario, participants must place their wagers in their chosen sportsbook Malaysia. Moreover, like in the conventional betting scene, every bettor has their betting style and strategies. Some players use Moneyline bets, and others use point spread and handicap betting. At the same time, some bettors rely more on their gut or luck and play on outright betting.

An outright or futures betting is a gambling style where a player will place their wager on events yet to occur. Bets under this style are decided by longer-term results and outcomes.


Being hailed as the winner in gambling is what many players desire. However, going on a continuous winning streak is quite impossible; much more in futures betting. Since the future is unpredictable, the chances of being triumphant are pretty slim. But in history, there are bettors who have placed their wagers despite their small chances of achieving a win. Some examples are Rory McIlroy’s father and Richard Hopkins.

In the case of Rory McIlroy, his father betted on him to win the Open Championship. McIlroy was only 15 when his father confidently placed a £200 bet on him despite his 500 to 1 chance of winning. While a parent supporting his child is pretty normal, McIlroy’s father betting and winning because of him is surreal. But it is possible when McIlroy won the Open Championship in 2014, allowing his father to bag a whopping $130,000.

Another example is Richard Hopkins, who won in several bets, including a £200 bet with 201 odds and another £50 bet with a 1,500 to 1 bet.

Hopkins placed multiple bets on a kid named Lewis Hamilton in 1998 that he would become a Formula One racer after seeing him on a go-kart track. Although it seems a little absurd to vouch that a kid will be a professional racer in the future just because you saw them in a go-kart, this did not stop Hopkins. However, this absurdity allowed him to win £165,000 years later when Hamilton indeed became a Formula One racer in 2007.

Futures betting may seem a little crazy for some, but this betting style has given notable wins to those who are strong enough to risk. After all, gambling is not just about strategy and complicated techniques; sometimes, you need a dash of daftness and luck to win.

If you want to see more of the biggest futures bet wins, you may continue reading this infographic created by CM2BET.

Biggest Futures Bet Wins