Advantages of Tinting Your Windshield

window tinting

Window tinting has continued to gain momentum in this modern era, becoming one of the most common car modifications owners consider investing in for their vehicles.

Its popularity comes from the numerous benefits window tinting Palmdale CA provides. Here are the advantages you can reap from tinting even just your windshield:

Protects you from sun glare

There are several benefits to tinting your windshield. For one thing, it reduces sun glare. Studies have shown that tinted windshields can reduce glare by as much as 30 percent.

Even in mid-day sunlight, the sun can still shine directly into your eyes, which can impair your vision and pose a potential risk to your safety. Even worse, in winter, the sun is higher on the horizon. Hence, it’s more likely to create glare, especially if you’re driving. During peak traffic periods, the sun can rise earlier and lower down on the horizon. This means that drivers heading east in the morning will face twice the amount of sun glare.

Blocks ultraviolet light

Tinting your car’s windshield can help keep the inside of the vehicle cooler in hotter weather. In addition to this, it can also block ultraviolet light from the sun. Although the level of protection offered by window tint varies depending on the darkness of the film, it will generally prevent 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Although this protection may seem like a waste, it does protect your car’s interior.

UV rays can cause sunburn, tan, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Most glass does block UVB rays quite effectively, but UVA rays can be more harmful, even leading to skin cancer. While automotive glass is usually treated to block UVB rays, side windows are typically not protected. Tinting your side windows can protect you from these damaging rays, but it can’t completely block them.

Increases privacy

The benefits of window tinting Missoula extend far beyond the aesthetics of your car. Tinted windows can also help increase privacy inside your vehicle. This essentially helps prevent malicious individuals from scoping your vehicle’s interior for valuables to steal.

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