Biggest Sports Upset in History – Infographic

Those who follow various sports tournaments in Southeast Asia know that the level of competitiveness has significantly increased as the years go by. The emergence of superteams has made some games become instant classics, especially if the match ended close. However, this also led to lowly teams trying to improve their system and score an upset over the best teams in the world. And for some, forcing an upset is a step toward becoming one of the top squads in any competition.

One of the biggest upsets in sports history was when Mike Tyson lost his undefeated streak and heavyweight belt to Buster Douglas in 1990. Douglas comes in as the big underdog before the match, having 43.00 odds of going out on top. However, the challenger was able to beat up Tyson and knock him out in the tenth round, winning the championship and setting up a showdown with Evander Holyfield later that year.

This type of upset is a regular occurrence in competitive sports and happens for various reasons. For starters, there are instances where players and teams think that their reputation and statistics are enough to win a game. Often, the favorites to win a game tend to take lowly teams easy, allowing them to relax more before the game and not prepare thoroughly. As a result, they usually need to crawl their way back into a game or scramble for something late into the game to take the dub.

For example, the 2011-2012 Champions League final is almost a one-sided match for different factors. First, the odds of winning the game heavily favor Bayern Munich with 1.80, compared to Chelsea’s 4.33. In addition, the game is held at Allianz Arena, home of Bayern. The game went scoreless until the 83’ minute when Thomas Muller pulled the home team ahead. But Chelsea managed to equalize five minutes later and eventually win the penalty shootout.

Although upsets heavily impact teams and their loyal fans, they can also bring distraught to those who engage in football betting in Malaysia and Singapore. Placing wagers on the favorites has always been the norm in sports betting, and upsets can quickly turn the tide for any bettors. To learn more about other biggest historical sports upsets, check this infographic provided by CM2Bet, the leading platform for online sports betting in Malaysia and Singapore.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History