Different Locs Styles for Starters

There are various reasons why some women choose to grow locs. Most of the time, the reason is spiritual and to break stereotypes. Some preferred it because locs are low maintenance and want to try something new. Ladies can choose from different locs styles and try them with their hair. This might confuse a locs starter because many choices are out there.

Because of this, here are some of the starter locs styles women can consider: 

Two-Strand Twists

This locs style is the alternative to comb coils that some ladies might find hard to prevent from unravelling. Well, to be fair, the comb coils style greatly depends on the lady’s hair type. Because of this, women can instead let the two-strand twists grow on their own with a thicker and fuller end result. To form the two-strand twists, a woman needs at least four inches of hair. Maintaining the twists as the hair grows takes palm rolling or comb twisting.

Comb Coils

Comb coils style is among the most common locs styles for starters. To achieve this looks, women need a rattail comb or coil twist comb. Either of the said combs can be used to form a coil by inserting it into the section of hair grabbed by the lady. Keeping this style requires moisturizing the hair with the chosen hair oil and wearing a head scarf at nighttime.

Palm Rolling

Considered one of the great choices for starting a woman locs journey, palm rolling takes rolling a section of hair between the palms of the lady’s hands. This way, strands find their shape. Women can grow locs over time by leaving the palm rolls. However, a woman needs to ensure that the palm rolls are uniform.

Women are free to choose the locs style for their hair. However, starters might find it hard to pick the best, so the best choice here is to connect to a professional loctician. Locticians can help customers select the best loc and even offer kids knotless braids.

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