How to Make a Bathroom Look More Spacious

Having a spacious bathroom is something many people might dream of but cannot afford. After all, building a roomy bathroom can cost thousands of dollars. But many homeowners do not realize that they do not need to spend massive amounts of money to achieve a spacious bathroom. All they need to do is spend a couple of dollars and run their creativity.

Storage is one of the most effective ways to free up space in your bathroom. But unlike kitchens or bedrooms, you cannot simply place cabinets in your lavatory. Fortunately, there are LED mirrors available in the market.

This mirror technology is not an entirely new invention. But it is just recently that it gained attention from many homeowners. Unlike conventional mirrors, LED ones offer a new level of functionality. Because aside from working as how a mirror should work, they can also function as storage units.

Most LED mirrors are built with shelving. This means you can place your toiletries, makeup kit, skin care products, etc., behind the mirror. This way, you can keep the clutter away from the eyes of your guests.

Moreover, they offer subtle but sufficient lighting to help you fulfill your personal tasks, such as shaving or applying makeup more conveniently.

Taking advantage of natural light is also an excellent way to make your bathroom appear bigger than it is. Adding a skylight or even a glass panel to the shower allows you to enjoy a more natural lighting source without sacrificing privacy.

You can also consider wall-hung toilets. This is a new trend within the bathroom market for many reasons. One of which is they do not take up too much floor space. This allows you to still view the tile underneath. And you might not notice it, but this can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

These tips are just a guide that might help you make your bathroom more spacious. But you have to remember that the best bathroom is the one that satisfies all your needs. The easiest way to do this is to declutter and remove things you do not need.

Build a Spacious Bathroom with Remer

Building a spacious bathroom may seem intimidating, but all you truly need is a little dash of creativity and help from a reliable professional like Remer.

This Australian company specializing in designing and manufacturing quality smart mirrors was built in 2017. Since then, it has established a trustworthy brand reputation with innovative and sensible mirror products for its customers.

With LED mirrors becoming increasingly popular, you might grow more curious about this technology. And if you want to learn more about LED mirrors and how they can enhance the look of your bathroom, you can check this infographic.