LED Mirrors: The Newest Home Interior Trend

Your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. This is where you clean yourself and ensure you are presentable whenever you go out. Therefore, having a complete set of toiletries in your bathroom is only reasonable. But more than the toiletries, another essential element every homeowner should have in their bathroom are mirrors.

For modern houses, LED mirrors are fast becoming a trend. They have multiple advantages over standard mirrors. These include increased durability, clear vision, and eco-friendly properties. Moreover, these new bathroom vanity mirrors are available in various styles and sizes.

Many people use mirrors to enhance their homes’ aesthetics. Some even use them to decorate their rooms. For instance, lighted mirrors can create a dramatic or sophisticated vibe. In addition to this, they can increase the value of a home. Lighted mirrors are not only suitable for homes but also for boutiques, hotels, offices, and more.

A lighted mirror is a simple technology that is easy to install, and the best ones are made from high-quality glass. Moreover, these LED mirrors are typically designed with efficient anti-fog features that prevent a layer of fog from forming on the surface.

Many homeowners also prefer LED mirrors over mirrors with incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights since they are much more energy efficient. This allows them to be used in areas where they are likely to be exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms.

But just like any invention, you may also encounter some problems with LED mirrors. One of the biggest challenges for lighted LED mirrors in bathrooms is humidity. Excessive humidity promotes mould growth, which can damage the paint. To minimise the risk of these problems, you should keep the bathroom humidity at a moderate level by turning on an exhaust fan.

Another issue you may encounter is flickering lights. This happens when the connections to the electrical circuits are not in perfect condition. You have to remember that you are still dealing with electricity here. Neglecting this issue might lead to even bigger problems like house fires. So if you notice the lights on your mirror flickering, you must contact an electrician immediately to fix them.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Remer

While upgrading to a lighted mirror may seem minor, it can make your home more appealing and attractive. Moreover, lighted mirrors can create a warm and comfortable environment.

However, choosing the right manufacturer for your mirrors can take time and effort, given that many mirror shops are in the market. For instances like this, you should only rely on trustworthy shops like Remer.

Specialising in designing and manufacturing premium illuminated smart mirrors, Remer has greatly emphasised superior mirror technology. To know more about us or gather more tips on choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom, you can check out this infographic.