The Similarities and Differences of QR Codes and NFC Tags

The Similarities and Differences of QR Codes and NFC Tags – Infographic

As today’s modernization continuously develop, individuals should also become aware of these innovations. These creations will help them in their daily lives. QR (Quick Response) code and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are the top two most utilized creations ever generated. These two are beneficial because of their many advantages, such as:

Enhanced User Encounter

When scanning QR codes, the user must rely on their phone’s camera to navigate to the QR code’s URL. Because almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone, this feature provides easy access to every QR code. However, the QR code must be the correct size for the camera to detect it.

Cameras can also struggle to detect QR codes outside or in direct sunlight. This is why it is not recommended to laminate QR codes because it causes glare. However, phone cameras cannot focus in the dark.

With NFC tags UK, the user does not need to use their phone camera to read it. On the other hand, NFC tags require a specific phone and a software update to be used. From the user’s perspective, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of compatibility because many people do not have a phone or software to scan an NFC tag.

This is becoming less of an issue as NFC becomes more prevalent in smart devices. Furthermore, standards are being developed to help keep NFC data secure.

Cost Difference Between QR Codes and NFC Tags

The cost of producing NFC tags and QR codes is one of the most significant differences. It is one of the factors that an individual should know before they purchase and generate one. QR codes are obtainable for free because websites create them without charging any fees. Creating QR codes is typically free. However, users must pay if they want additional features or to customize their QR code. This payment is generally made through monthly subscriptions ranging from $10 to $50. On the other hand, Custom NFC stickers are purchasable, but it is only worth $.02 to $1 one-time payment.


QR codes are classified into two types:

  • Static
  • Dynamic

Static QR codes are QR codes that cannot be rewritten. It cannot be altered or changed once it is created. Dynamic codes are QR codes that users can edit but not rewrite.

The situation is different with Custom NFC stickers. These can be rewritten indefinitely. Rewriting the tag means that the original data on the title is erased, and new data is written in its place. NFC tags can be rewritten and reused. The only requirement is that the user is within a few inches of the tag and that the label not be locked for it to be rewritten. These are only a few benefits individuals can get from these two. To learn more, see the infographic below brought to you by NFC Tagify:

QR Codes Versus NFC Tags