Façade Inspection and Upgrade in New Jersey

The exterior of a building influences the aesthetic value of the property. A modern and well-kept facade by an NJ structural engineer gives a good first impression, which improves the building’s reputation and attracts customers. Building owners can keep these advantages while minimizing long-term repair costs with proactive facade inspection and restoration.

A building inspection helps in sustaining overall property health. It also achieves meeting the minimum safety criteria of building codes. Commercial building inspector NJ aids in building maintenance program, securing the good state of facades.

Besides being visually beautiful, a facade plays an important function in energy efficiency and linking the external and interiors of the structure. The use of a facade also greatly reduces energy costs. A facade decreases solar gain, reducing the cooling loads of the structure and resulting in lower energy expenditures.

Buildings are exposed to various weather conditions daily, resulting in wear and tear over time. To avoid costly problems in the future, it is vital to continuously maintain a building’s facade to keep it from degrading, cracking, becoming unsightly, and hazardous.

Jersey City, New Jersey, enacted a new ordinance dealing with structural and facade inspections of multi-story structures in August 2021. The Jersey City Council passed this legislation in response to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, Florida.

According to the ordinance, a qualified architect or engineer must check the facade at least once every five years. Commercial building inspection in NJ is required for structures over six stories tall or buildings with at least four floors and masonry facades. All external walls and attachments must be examined and completed under the Jersey City Construction Code’s official recommendations. The code also requires a property owner to submit a recorded Facade Inspection Report to the Division of the Construction Code Official within thirty days after the inspection.

An upgraded facade may assist in boosting the value of the property, enabling the owner to demand a higher rent or purchase price. A timely facade inspection and update also allow the building’s owner to enhance the property’s structural integrity.

Building owners and managers may design maintenance plans based on the results of facade condition evaluations. It may also create a budget for capital repairs and restoration projects, secure compliance with local facade inspection rules, and eliminate possible hazards.

Check the infographic below from Lockatong Engineering to learn more about facade inspection and upgrade in New Jersey.

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