Viewing Platform’s Significance in Tourist Destinations

People can be too worked up in achieving their short-term and long-term goals. And one of the common places they visit to unwind is the famous tourist destinations, which mainly offer natural beauty, like the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland. 

It is one of the many reasons why a viewing platform is efficient in numerous destinations since it is a sightseeing space situated on a tall architectural structure like an observation tower, a balcony-like design, or a skyscraper.

But it is not the sole reason why it is significant; see below and discover all the significances that made a viewing deck convenient for these landmarks:

Cultural and Historical Significance

A viewing platform can showcase a tourist destination’s cultural and historical significance. It gives individuals an overview of the preservations done by the land authorities and those entrusted with it, and it can even provide some insights into local traditions and heritage sites.

Some visitors who desire to learn about their tourist destination’s cultural and historical factors make them want to return. It gives the tourist a determining factor for their loyalty to the city.

Tourism Promotion and Attraction

Another factor that makes the viewing platform a significant factor for a tourist attraction is it is a tourism promotion booster since it provides a destination’s panoramic view. It enables the travellers to take pictures and videos of the scenic location, which they can share on their social media accounts. 

It is considered a great marketing effort for those who handle tourist destinations since it has become an iconic symbol that brings forth interest and curiosity among tourists.

Enhancing Economic Impact 

Viewing platforms can also increase its economic impact. It can start with a growth in the visitor rate of the destination. Followed by job creation and open opportunities for local business development like a tourist guide and small business that sells takeaways or souvenirs. 

These determinants are responsible for the tourism growth rate caused by a viewing platform increasing an individual’s curiosity and eagerness to visit the place.


All the factors mentioned above are the reasons that make a viewing platform significant for every tourist destination. However, authorities constructing these decks should be aware of utilising green and sustainable constructional products, like SHS (square hollow sections) plies.

SHS plies provide more sustainable foundations underneath an infrastructure and are also usable for viewing platforms. It transfers loads from the deck to the groundwork. Thus, there is a supporting material that makes it long-lasting for years and even with many individuals utilising it. 

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