Things To Know About FIDO Login


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FIDO login is something that you should definitely consider if you are tired of the challenges associate with using passwords. Fast Identity Online (FIDO) is an initiative of a group of companies that is aimed at reducing the use of multiple usernames and passwords through the efficient as well as interoperable use of authentication factors. These authentication factors are usually split up into three types of factors, namely what you are, what you have and what you know.

The “what you have” factor simply refers to the physical characteristics of the user which are used to authenticate them on a device or service. Among the common examples of biometric factors include your fingerprints, your face’s shape, your typing speed, or your iris patterns.

The “what you have factor” refers to the items or documents that are owned by the user which provide secure access. These could be certificates, keys, token, or other objects that are in the user’s possession.

The “what you know” factor is the information that only the user is expected to know, such that entering the correct information to prompts enables them to access to secured areas or features. The required information could include a personal identification number, a password, an answer to a secret question, or a username.

The pitfalls of password use are what led to the growth of the FIDO login. Though the general consensus is that passwords are not that secure, there have been a number of important obstacles in the path towards alternative authentication solutions, with the most notable ones being that online content and service providers are hesitant to take on the cost as well as the technical details of creating and supplying their own authentication solutions.

In order to mitigate the world’s dependence on passwords, the FIDO Alliance was formed as an open industry association in order to overhaul the worldwide authentication process. The mission of FIDO login is to make the authentication process much more secure and smoother for service providers to roll out and adjust as necessary, and to make the authentication easier for consumers to use.

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